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Ocean Swim Group, One With the Ocean

Who Are We?

We are athletes and adventure seekers—of all ages and races. We come together to face down fears and challenges. We find joy in the water. We take action to protect our vulnerable beaches, oceans, rivers and lakes. Our mission is to improve humans’ relationship with the ocean.

By The Numbers

It began with a swim one Saturday morning in Redondo Beach. A group of no more than 10 people—often as few as two—continued showing up week after week. Over time, word spread and the group grew. Two years later, we had our first 100 person swim. Another year later and we had spawned three new groups. Now, six years have passed and we are just getting started…







Bryan Mineo, founder, One With the Ocean

Bryan Mineo / founder

Bryan lives for the ocean. Known as “The Swim Mechanic”, he leads large weekly open water groups from LA to Orange County to San Diego. His passion and creativity are highlighted in the OWO community—previously known as SMOG—he’s helped bring together over the past six years.


Having overcome a fear of open water himself, Bryan’s approach with OWO and his personal clients comes from a place of empathy and love for both transcending the barriers of fear and connecting people to open water swimming in order to find growth, confidence and joy.

Greg Barry, One With the Ocean

Greg Barry, Board Member

Caroline Burckle, One With The Ocean

Caroline Burckle, Secretary & board member

Derick Gallegos, One With the Ocean

Derick Gallegos, Board member

Kari Stoever, One With the Ocean

Kari Stoever, Treasurer & board member

Greg Huntoon, One With the Ocean

Greg Huntoon, Director of Branding

Emily Hammond, Director of Business Development, One With the Ocean

Emily Hammond, Director of Business Development

Matt Olivas, One With the Ocean

Matt Olivas, Director of video/photo

Oceans In Peril

Our oceans are under threat from pollution, overfishing, and resource mismanagement.
One With the Ocean takes action at both the micro level with beach cleanups, and on a broader scale by raising awareness about recycling, plastics substitution, and ecosystem protection. 

Saving What We Love: 

  • 8 billion metric tons of plastic enter the ocean every year
  • By 2050, there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish
  • 1 million sea birds and 100k marine mammals are killed by plastic each year
  • 80% of ocean pollution comes from the land

Together, we Champion Change

Swimming in open water requires total emersion. It creates a common language that shapes our collective identity, emboldening the group to achieve what seems impossible.

By bringing visibility to water lies beneath the surface, our collective consciousness is awakened. What we see, changes how we see and what we care about.

Regular encounters with ocean life creates an intimate experience of love and appreciation.

Together, we achieve more than we can alone.  

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Coach Bryan, One With the Ocean

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