We’re all about community. That extends to our network of local legends and ocean-loving partners. Load up on sweet swim gear and maybe snag yourself a discount or two. 
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Team, One With the Ocean

Swimmers, divers, surfers…anyone who loves the water can feel safer wearing Sharkbanz’s shark deterrent band. Developed by marine biologists, it’s proven to deter predatory shark species.  

Since 1993, Blueseventy has designed, tested, refined and crafted products using superior materials and revolutionary details that equate to comfort, freedom from restriction and ultimately a competitive advantage in the water.

Zoca Gear strive for perfection and handcraft each and every garment you wear, using only the best Italian materials at their facilities in San Diego, California.

Run by Jules Van Dam and Stefen Janke, Jule’s Food employs traditional cheese-making techniques from around the world to create delicious non-dairy bries and other cheeses using Fair Trade, organic cashews. We’re obsessed.

Jules's Food, Partner, One With the Ocean

MetCon® Nutrition is committed to creating Innovative; All Natural, Paleo Friendly, Pharmacist, and Athlete designed Sports Nutrition Supplements focused on Increasing muscle Endurance, Speed, Power and overall Performance. We produce the most effective Sports Nutrition supplements without any fillers, artificial sweeteners, flavors or colors.

Committed to changing an “environmentally-challenged” industry and protecting future generations, Subaru Pacific is active in local environmental programs and initiatives, such as One With the Ocean. In fact, they have been a partner of OWO since day 1 and has been instrumental in our organizations growth and environmental impact.

SoCal natives and water-lovers around the world, Hardcoresport creates custom suit designs for swimmers who train at intense levels. Every. Single. Day. Check out our rad custom line created and manufactured in our neighborhood in California.